Do I have to drive them to their medical appointments?

Yes. We ask that fosters drive the animals to their spay/neuter appointment in Redwood City using their own car/gas. Typically this happens Monday-Friday and is the only time they will need to see the vet. Of course for kittens with other routine health problems, and in the event of an emergency, additional trips to the vet hospital in Los Altos might be needed.

Am I responsible for any costs?

We cover all of the medical costs, the supplies (like towels, bowls, litter box, food, medications). Additional supplies like those needed for cleaning your home after the kittens and laundry we do not cover.


What happens if I decide to go out of town while I'm fostering?

If you're planning on going on vacation while you are fostering, it is your responsibility to find alternate care for the kittens during that time.

Do I get first choice to adopt the animals that I foster?

Yes! As a foster you have until the animal is ready to be adopted to make your final decision- typically this is when the cat/dog is spayed/neutered. After this time, we have to open up the adoption process to the public for that particular animal.


What kind of animals can I foster?

Kittens are the majority of who we are looking for fosters for. We often have opportunities to foster older cats. Currently we are trying to grow our dog foster program and are looking for fosters of mostly adult dogs.

Can I still foster even though I have my own animals?

Yes! We ask that your own animals are fully vaccinated, and any fosters be separate for a 14 day quarantine period. Especially in the case of kittens, these animals are un-neutered and un-vaccinated and while we try to do everything we can, the foster animals can potentially carry things like fleas that can transfer to your own animals. Proper hygiene is a must, as is a conversation with your own veterinarian.

How do I get the supplies?

The foster animals and initial supplies will be brought to your home by one of four fabulous volunteers. After that, supplies can be picked up at one of a couple pre-designated locations with 48 hours notice to our Volunteer Coordinator. ***This can be changed to the trailer when we have a location****

Do I have to help get my foster animals adopted?

Yes, we ask that you help to get them adopted by featuring them to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors via word of mouth and social media. We find some of our best adopters this way because no one knows the animals better than you- their fosters! We also ask that you help by bringing the kittens to adoption events as needed (usually on Sundays). Also know that potential adopters might want to meet the kittens in your home and we love it when fosters are welcoming to them.

As a foster do I get final say on who adopts my foster animals?

While we seriously take the foster's opinion into consideration when finalizing adoptions, we let the final decision to be up to our senior Adoption Counselor.