A litter with feral mama

We help you give the mama a stress free environment while she cares for her kittens. You would be responsible for feeding and cleaning the litter box for mama but in return she takes great care of her babies. You would have the added benefit of "having" to play with these sweet guys in order to get them socialized and ready for adoption. Once mom has weaned the babies, we spay and release her back to her home and kittens get ready for adoption.


We need to grow our foster program for all sizes, ages, breeds and personalities of dogs! If you are interested in being able to bring a dog in need of some TLC into your home, let us know, and we can work to match you with the perfect pooch!

We are looking for kitten foster families! 

Believe it or not, the tiniest kittens are at the biggest risk of euthanasia at the shelter due to lack of funding and staffing.

But it doesn’t have to end badly!

Foster families save lives by giving these kittens temporary homes during the most critical weeks until they are old enough to be adopted.

There are several different types of foster: 




 Bottle babies- (these are the group we need fosters so badly for!)

We supply you with all the supplies and training that you would need to bottle or syringe feed these little guys every couple of hours around the clock. This sounds intimidating but these littlest kittens are at the biggest risk of euthanasia in the shelter so foster care is their only option. The other great thing is that they only need this intense care for 3 weeks at the most before they are eating on their own!



Gruel kittens

These adorable kittens are older than the bottle babies (typically 5-8 weeks old) and learning how to eat on their own. Fosters have to help them out by feeding them gruel (formula mixed with wet food) and encourage them to stop with formula, and eat wet and dry foods on their own. This is the time when they become active, explore, play and learn to be happy and healthy cats. It’s so much fun to watch!